A synthetic law to legalize weed is now on the books in Canada

A synthetic cannabis law is on the cards, and it’s not clear whether Canada is ready to take advantage of the legal status.

A report released Tuesday by the federal Parliamentary Budget Office says the Liberal government has agreed to give Canadians a “synthesis of cannabis” to be sold legally in Canada in a form similar to that used for cigarettes and cigars.

The report, entitled Synergistic Legalization: The Liberal Plan for Cannabis Legalization, says the federal government will give Canada a “solution” to legalizing cannabis if it gets its act together.

The Parliamentary Budget office says the plan would create “a system that would allow Canada to market cannabis to Canadians without the current barriers to legalization that have been in place for more than two decades.”

The federal Liberals have promised to legalize cannabis for adults in 2019, but the Trudeau government has not yet taken any concrete steps toward that.

In a statement, Minister of State for Science and Technology Peter MacKay said Canada would work with provinces, territories and municipalities on a “comprehensive system of legislation that is designed to allow a safe, legal and sustainable market for the production and distribution of cannabis for medicinal purposes.”

MacKay said the government would continue to work with stakeholders to develop a “new approach” to regulating cannabis.

The plan would also give Canada the “flexibility” to develop its own laws if it so chooses.