Arizona’s wildflowers, plants are being hit with drought

It’s been a wet summer in Arizona, but it’s not getting any better.

The drought has left the state’s wildflower beds in tatters.

This summer, Arizona’s arboretum, one of the nation’s largest, has been hit hard by dry conditions.

Arboretums are some of the last places on Earth to see the sun, and they’re not going to recover from it in the absence of rain.

But this is not the first time arbours have faced a dry season.

In recent years, they’ve been hit with more than a year of record-low temperatures, making them vulnerable to wildfires.

In some places, the arbourges are already under severe stress.

In Tempe, for instance, the city’s arborist is dealing with a shortage of potash.

The city’s water utility, however, is not taking the heat.

Tempe City Manager Robert Carhart says his office has taken steps to boost the city water supply.

We have a lot of plants and flowers in our system that need water.

We have to be able to supply them.

That is a priority, Carhart said.

Carhart says the city is working with local water providers to ensure that potash is delivered to the city, as well as water and fertilizer to the nearby Arboretic Park.

Some residents have taken matters into their own hands, turning to online marketplaces to find water for their gardens and gardens for sale.

There are also several potash garden kits available on

While the drought has been tough on Arizona’s gardens, the drought is not over.

The state is still recovering from another major drought, in 2008-2009, when many areas suffered record-high temperatures.