ESPN: Football fans should ‘pay attention’ to the NFL’s new rules

The NFL is changing its rules to allow fans to watch the game without a helmet.

The NFL has unveiled new rules that allow fans with helmets to watch without a headgear in the stadiums they visit.

The rules, which are part of the league’s “NFL Nation” initiative, are designed to keep the game accessible to the average fan.

The league says fans should pay attention to the rules.

The changes were first reported by ESPN.

They were revealed by the league on Friday.

Here’s a look at the rules:The rules change comes after the National Football League Players Association (NFLPA) issued a statement last week saying the league should be transparent about the new rules and that they were intended to address safety concerns for players.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said on Thursday the new rule will not affect the NFLs ability to enforce the rules, but that fans should be aware of them.

The new rules allow fans without helmets to enter stadiums with no helmet and wear helmets.

Fans with helmets can still play the game in stadiums that don’t have helmets, but they can’t use them in any way.

There are no plans to make helmets mandatory.

The NFLPA is seeking to overturn a decision by the NFL in February that said helmets could be worn in certain situations, including for safety reasons.

The league will hold a press conference on Monday to discuss the new policy.