How Synthetic Turf can help the NFL’s game-day experience

Synthetic turf can be used to create artificial turf, and it can be installed on football fields without requiring any additional work.

A company called N-Terrain Systems made the announcement at the International Conference of Industrial Design (ICIDE) in Dubai last week. 

“The artificial surface we have created is completely self-contained, which means it can also be used as a training surface or a practice field,” N-TERRA’s co-founder and president, Tom Vines, said in a press release. 

The company uses “natural materials” to build its artificial turf and said it was the first to develop artificial turf for football fields, but that it would soon launch a program for indoor turf that would be available to both the NFL and other sports.

“We think that the new synthetic turf technology will enable the NFL to have a natural turf that can be customized and tailored to a player’s needs,” Vines said. 

In addition to playing football, artificial turf can also help with the health of players. 

According to the NFL, artificial surfaces can be “healthier for the players themselves and the environment.” 

The league is looking for a supplier for synthetic turf that it could purchase at a reasonable price, but N-terrain said it has no plans to build any kind of facility. 

While artificial turf isn’t cheap, it is expected to cost $20,000 per square foot to make, and that could be enough for an entire football field. 

As for what to do with the artificial turf? 

“It’s going to be used in training,” Vine said.

“We’ve had discussions with the NFL about how to put it on the field.

We’ve talked to the league about how they might want to use it for field practice.

We have plans to start doing that, and we’d like to see how that goes.”