How to avoid synthetic turf in lawns

The use of synthetic turf has been banned in the state of Maharashtra for the past five years.

It is used in public parks and in residential areas.

The government has decided to make it mandatory for people to use natural grasses for the purpose.

The Maharashtra government had said it was not willing to allow synthetic turf use in the country’s most popular national parks.

The state government has also banned the use of turf made from a variety of fertilisers.

The Maharashtra government has now announced that it will not allow use of the synthetic turf for the last two years, according to the Times of India.

It will now instead be allowed only in public places, like public parks.

The state government said the decision will be made at the state-level, the Times reported.

The decision comes amid growing concerns over the environmental impact of the artificial turf, which is made from cement and water.

The government said it would issue a circular to residents to inform them about the ban.

“The circular is to advise the residents that the use or disposal of synthetic grass is banned from March 1, 2020, and that they must only use natural turf for lawns,” the circular said.