How to beat your ex in a game of golf

If you were looking for a way to show your affection for your ex, the answer is “bathing in a pool.”

That’s right: you can bathe in a tub.

The solution?

A pool, of course.

According to The Washington Post, this is the answer that an 18-year-old college student at Ohio State University came up with in a fit of boredom.

As you might imagine, this was a bit of a challenge.

“I was thinking, What if I bathed in a pond?

But I didn’t want to take it out of my bedroom,” the student told The Post.

“My room is a lot bigger than mine.

And so I decided to use a pool as my base.”

The student decided to make the pool his base, and so began the journey to get to the bottom of how to make this pool-bathing exercise a reality.

You’ll need: 2 tubs, a water pump, and a water gun (see below) 1.

Determine what you want to bathe with.

The first thing you’ll need is a tub, so you’ll be able to create a larger pool that you can place in your backyard.

The pool can be placed at least 20 feet away from your house, which will help make it feel more secure.


Place a water heater or gas heater in the tub.

To help keep the water warm, you can use a water hose and a gas stove to heat up the water.


Put a piece of cardboard in the center of the pool to create your batting cage.

You can use cardboard for a batting cage or use a plastic bag for your tub.


Place your batting cages in the water and fill them with water.


Fill your tub with water and add a piece or two of cardboard to the center to form your batting ring.


Put your batting rings on the cardboard and place them in your tub, as shown in the photo below.


Place the water heater and gas stove in the pool.


Fill the tub with warm water and bring it up to the temperature of the water, which should be about 110 degrees Fahrenheit.

You should be able and see the bubbles from the water as it fills up the tub, The Post reported.


The next step is to put your balls into your batting circle.

Once you have the balls, put them in the batting ring and put them on the plastic bag to create the batting cage in the middle of your pool.


Place batting cages on the back of the tub and the water in the swimming pool and fill the tub up to a depth of about 1 foot.

You might need to use some plastic tubing, but be sure to leave a hole to allow air to circulate inside the tub to help keep it warm.


Fill up your pool and place the batting rings in it. 12.

Put the water hose back in the bathtub and wait for the bubbles to dissipate.


Remove the batting cages and use the water to clean the pool and remove the bubbles.


Use a vacuum cleaner to remove the batting bubbles.


Once the bubbles are gone, place your batting cage in a towel to dry it off.


Repeat the process of placing your balls in your batting circles, and you should have a pool ready to bat in!

The student also created this cute little game called “Turtle Ball,” which you can find here.