How to buy real turf in Home Depot’s new turf yard

Home Depot has unveiled a new turf lawn that is supposed to make your yard look more organic.

The new turf is being sold in stores and online as “Troy,” a brand new turf made with “super-premium” recycled materials and engineered to be easier to handle.

Troy comes with all the necessary maintenance requirements for lawns, including a synthetic turf that’s 100% organic, a spray system, and a soil treatment that can help reduce runoff and water pollution.

Home Depot says it also offers a “Tray” turf, which is made with synthetic materials and treated to keep it healthier.

Tray is the cheapest option, at $10 a yard, and Home Depot says the yard is also “easy to clean.”

Troy is available for purchase online at, and the store is also offering an in-store pickup in the US.

Home Depot CEO Steve Easterbrook says the turf is more affordable than regular turf.

Trey-Troy isn’t the first lawn that Home Depot makes, but it’s the first product to come from the company that doesn’t use synthetic materials.

Last year, the company launched its first lawn in partnership with organic lawn care company Lawnmower Club.

It also sells organic turf for $8.99 a yard.