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I grew up in a small town in the southern U.S., and I’m not surprised to hear that the air I breathed was toxic.

But as I grew older, my symptoms worsened.

At one point, I couldn’t breathe for three days at a time.

When I stopped breathing, I started to lose the ability to move.

My legs became numb.

I started sweating.

My eyes began to close up and fogged up.

My face started to turn black.

At first, my family thought I was just having a cold or something.

But when I started asking them questions, they began to believe I was having a heart attack.

“I had never been diagnosed with a heart problem,” I told the family.

“This was a real diagnosis.

The doctors thought it was some sort of medical condition.

They had no idea.”

I began to see doctors who were all-too-human.

They told me that they knew what was wrong with me, and that they could fix it.

“My heart was failing,” I was told.

“And that was the diagnosis,” I said.

I was prescribed statins.

And eventually, after several months of medication, my heart finally stopped.

But not my body.

It wasn’t my heart, or my body, that stopped, it was a computer.

The computer was playing games and watching movies.

“Your heart is working normally,” they told me.

“But your brain is shutting down, and you’re losing your memory.

You’re not thinking clearly.

Your body is shutting itself down.”

So how does a computer actually do this?

In a sense, the computer is like a living, breathing machine.

It’s part of the system that controls the electrical signals that are sent from the heart to the brain.

The brain has its own electrical signals and sends its own signals.

The heart has its signals.

And when the heart is stopped, the brain shuts down, too.

I have heard of computer-generated images of dying animals, but I didn’t understand that it was actually real life.

It was like watching a movie that was playing in a movie theater, and then the theater went dark.

So, in the same way that a computer is a part of your body, the heart has to be part of a computer as well.

That’s why I was skeptical of any medical treatments.

“What if it’s really happening to me?”

I wondered.

“Well, what about if I just stop breathing?”

I began looking for medical professionals that had treated patients with heart failure, and they were all amazed at my story.

“How can you get a heart failure?

That’s like the biggest mystery in the history of medicine,” they said.

But I continued to look.

In fact, I did the research and found that, in fact, the treatment I had had nothing to do with the computer virus.

Instead, it had everything to do the virus.

My heart was dying, but my brain wasn’t.

And I could still move my legs.

When the virus hit, my body had to shut down.

My body couldn’t function.

I began taking pills, and I started getting better.

But then I started feeling worse.

The virus hit me again, and the symptoms worsened and the virus returned.

“Do you really need to have this drug?” my mother asked.

I answered, “Yes, mom.”

“But I don’t want to take it, I don´t want to die.”

My mother said that I was a fraud.

“That’s not true.

The drug will help you get over it.”

But I knew the drug would work.

The treatment I was on had nothing whatsoever to do, as my mother put it, with the virus or with the drugs I was taking.

It had everything, and more, to do to heal the body from the virus and to protect it from the drugs that were taking over my body from inside.

I took a drug called meldonium.

When you take meldonum, your body shuts down.

The body stops producing adrenaline and norepinephrine, the two hormones that are needed to keep your heart beating.

But you have to take a lot of the drugs to get this effect.

My doctor gave me meldonion and told me I was going to have to stay on it for a month or two.

My breathing got worse, and my heart was stopping.

I had a heart transplant, but when I got there, I saw a doctor who had worked with my parents before.

He told me he couldn’t even think about what was going on inside me.

He said, “I’ve seen people die because they didn’t take a drug.”

“Why didn’t you take a pill?”

I asked.

“Because I didn´t take it.”

“So you had no choice but to stay in the drug?”

I wanted to know what the doctor was saying.

“No,” he said