How to get the best speed turf in the UK

New turf has become an increasingly important part of a local golf course, and the new Chipping Mat, a new type of golf equipment designed to help speed up the game, has sparked a debate over its safety.

Read moreRead more”You could see it in the first couple of years,” said John Stansfield, the director of the golf course in the village of Shaftesbury, Gloucestershire.

“People are saying, ‘why is there no speed turf?'”

He said he had seen some of the new equipment on the course, but had not seen the actual chipping mat.

“The only people I’ve seen with it are the golfers who have got it and are using it, and I’m sure the clubsmen are happy about it.”

Stansfield said the speed turf was a “huge leap forward” in the technology, but that there were concerns over safety, and that speed and safety was an issue.

“We’ve been looking at different options, such as putting speed turf on the back of the course to try and make sure the speed doesn’t get too high or too low,” he said.

“But speed turf is a lot more expensive and a lot of people don’t want to use it.”

I think people will see that it’s not a good idea, and they’ll probably go away from the golfing course.

“The Chipping Mats are designed to slow the golf ball by slowing it to a crawl.

The clubman will wear them over his face as he drives on the greens.

The new chipping machines are manufactured by an Australian firm, Lyle-Walker.

They cost around £2,000 each and can be installed by a clubman using a specially designed chipping stick.

They are intended to help the ball bounce more quickly, reducing the distance it needs to travel and improving the pace of play.

The manufacturer says the machines are made from durable, high-grade material, so it is unlikely to cause damage to the course.

The company says the technology could be used in places such as the US, but has not said when it might be used.

The manufacturers said they had not received any complaints about the Chipping Mashes, but they were concerned about the safety of using the equipment.””

It’s going to be up to the clubs to make sure it does,” Stanswell said.

The manufacturers said they had not received any complaints about the Chipping Mashes, but they were concerned about the safety of using the equipment.

“It’s the most popular golf equipment in the world and it’s very popular in the US and Australia, so people are quite concerned about it,” said Paul Bader, a spokesman for Lyle Walker.

“What’s really important to remember is that the equipment is designed to last a lifetime, and so the safety issue has been addressed and there is an ongoing safety review process.”

But the company has previously said it was not considering a legal action against the golf club, as it is confident the safety issues have been addressed.

A spokesman for the British Golf Association said they did not have any further comment.

The Golf Association of Australia said they were still waiting to hear back from the manufacturer.

The Association is the official body for the sport of golf in Australia.