How to get your feet wet on turf in New Jersey

A new NikeSpeed turf shoe designed for the NFL is making its way to the NFL.

Nike says the NikeSpeed Turf Ball has “exactly what you need to get in the air and get your kicks.”

The NikeSpeed Speed Turf Balls are designed for football players who want to get into the game faster and get out on the field quickly.

The Nike Speed Turfs are built with the Nike Ball Technology for a fast-twitch and responsive feel, and they are designed to be durable and breathable.

The Nike Speed balls have a cushioned design to help cushion the foot and provide a natural cushioning effect on the ground.

Nike says it is the first time the Nike Speed Ball has been used on an NFL turf field.

The NFL says the Adidas Speedball will be available at all 16 NFL stadiums for fans to try on and select their favorite.

The Adidas Speed Ball is available for $150 online and $250 retail at the NFL Store.