How to install a solar roof in your home

A solar roof can help you save on water use, while also saving energy.

Solar panels on your roof can provide up to 2.6 gallons of water per hour.

The solar panels also produce less greenhouse gas emissions, according to NASA.

A solar roof also helps your home save money by reducing your electricity bill, according the Environmental Protection Agency.

In your home, you can use your solar panel to keep your roof looking fresh and clean.

If you have a window, a solar panel will help your home look like a natural sunroom.

In a typical year, about 2.5 billion tons of water are wasted as rain and snow.

That water is lost to the atmosphere as heat and snow melt.

Water conservation programs in your community may also help save on the cost of water.

Solar roof installations can save you money and energy, too.

You’ll save on utility bills, gas bills and property taxes, among other things.