How to install a synthetic turf for a boat

As a result of a recent heatwave, some teams are now turning to hydro-tape for their boats. 

However, as the water temperature rises, this is going to become a lot more expensive and complicated, so if you want to have a synthetic surface for your boat, you will have to be very careful. 

Hydro-tapes are made up of an outer shell which absorbs the water, a layer of cement inside, which gives the surface some structure, and an inner layer of hydrogel which holds the surface in place. 

It is important to note that hydro-traps will not last as long as synthetic ones, so you may need to apply it for as long at the same time as you do for a synthetic piece of plastic. 

The advantage of hydro-traces over synthetic ones is that they can be easily installed in different areas of the boat, as long it does not touch the deck. 

A good alternative for this is a hydro-scag, which has a similar look and feel, but with less water absorption. 

These are available in several colours and have a rubber backing. 

If you have a boat that you need to fix for the heatwave you may want to choose a hydro trap as opposed to a synthetic one, but make sure you take the time to get it installed correctly. 

Also, be careful with the hydro-trap, because it can be very difficult to remove it. 

You will need to use an electric drill and a drill bit. 

Once the hydro trap is installed, you need a drill to drill through the cement and then a drill and an extension to drill into the hydro trapeze. 

To install the hydro traps, you just need to place them in the right places. 

Make sure you have enough room for the hydro to sit in, so that you can easily move the hydro around. 

As a result, you can make the boat look very impressive and make sure the hydro is properly positioned. 

I like to start with the top of the hydro, then the backside, then slowly move the top part up to the bottom. 

When you do this, the hydro will have some room to sit, and you will be able to see where the water will run. 

In my case, I had to drill out all of the water and then fill the boat with it.

The hydro-tags are a little bit of a pain to install, so it is better to use some other materials like a drill, a piece of hydrocage or even a nail. 

After you have drilled and installed the hydro tags, you may then add a few more to give the boat a little more character. 

For more information on hydro-turf, click here. 

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