How to plan for a perfect indoor practice environment

What is a perfect outdoor practice environment? 

There are so many ways to set up your indoor facility. 

We’ve written about how to set it up and we’ve discussed how to create a perfect practice environment for your players. 

However, there are some things that you need to take into consideration and you need to do this for every indoor practice facility.1.

The height of the facility When setting up your outdoor practice facility, the height should be at least 2.5 meters higher than the floor of the indoor facility (the lower the better). 

For this reason, if you are building a 4×4 structure, you’ll need to ensure that the indoor floor is at least 1 meter higher than that of the outdoor floor. 

You should also ensure that there are no obstacles in the indoor space such as walls, rails, or anything that would impede your players’ movement.2.

The size of the training area When you’re setting up a 4-metre-high indoor practice field, you need at least 5.5 square metres of space to allow for a training area, and that’s about the size of a large swimming pool. 

If you are planning to play indoor, you should plan to have an additional 5.75 square metres in your indoor training area. 

A 5.25 square metre training area will be plenty for players to work on their fitness and also help them to improve their overall health. 

There should be no barriers or gaps in the training areas so that your players can focus on their training. 

The indoor training facility should have a minimum of 2.75 metres between each of the two training areas. 

This is because there is no room to move around in your outdoor training area as there is not enough room to make space for any of the equipment you want your players to wear. 


The distance from the centre of the practice area to the ground floorThe distance between the centre and the ground level is a crucial consideration when it comes to setting up the indoor training areas as well as for creating a perfect facility for your indoor players.

A good indoor practice area should be approximately 5 metres long by 10 metres wide. 

For indoor facilities, this means that your indoor practice floor should be a minimum 5.4 metres by 7.8 metres wide, and the outdoor training ground should be 5.2 metres by 8.8 meters wide.

This means that if you’re planning to have a 4X4 training facility, you can easily create a 5.7-metres-wide training area in your centre, and a 5-meters-wide indoor training floor in your outside training area for players.

This will make it easy for your athletes to move freely around your indoor facilities. 

It’s also important to note that, while the indoor practice areas should be as small as possible, there should be space for at least one player to practice on the outside. 


The spacing between the training facilities and the indoor facilitiesThe indoor practice facilities should be spaced at least 50 metres apart, and ideally, at least 80 metres apart. 

That means that a minimum distance of about 30 metres between the indoor and outdoor training areas should also be provided between them. 

As a rule of thumb, this distance should be sufficient for a player to train on the same surface that he trains on. 5.

The width of the areas When planning a 4×4 indoor training field, it is important that you set up a minimum width of 50 metres between your indoor and outdoors training areas, and preferably, 50 metres on either side of the playing surface. 

Again, this is because you want to ensure you have room for all of the players in your facility, and they are also free to practice freely. 


The colour of the surfaceThe playing surface should be white, grey, or black. 

Any of the colour options can be used for indoor practice surfaces as well. 


The lighting A good indoor facility should provide at least a light in the playing area.

This is so that you can see your players in their natural environment, and also so that they can practice. 

Players should also have the option to have their own personal lighting, as long as this option is included. 


The temperature A healthy indoor facility will need to provide a temperature of at least 70 degrees Celsius. 

So, if your indoor environment is 75 degrees Celsius, then you can be sure that your outdoor facility will be at 60 degrees Celsius when it is open. 

In fact, your outdoor facilities should not need to be heated at all. 


The length of the lighting When it comes time to decide how long to put your indoor lights, you will want to look at the length of your playing surface, as well its width, and length of lights in the practice facility itself. 

Here, you want the length and width of your indoor lighting to be at the maximum