How to put the baton away and enjoy the sights and sounds of the NFL playoffs

The NFL playoffs have finally arrived in America, and with them, a whole new season of games and excitement.

As the dust settles, the NFL’s regular season will take shape, as the regular season ends and teams prepare to take the field for the NFL championship game in Atlanta on Feb. 7.

The regular season is set to kick off on Tuesday night with the Pittsburgh Steelers hosting the Atlanta Falcons at 5:30 p.m.


This is the first time the NFL will televise the regular-season finale since 2009, when the Atlanta-Pittsburgh game was shown on ESPN.ESPN and NFL Network will televishe the game live on Sunday, and the networks will air a slate of pregame shows, including a preview show featuring the NFL team that will face off against the defending Super Bowl champion Atlanta Falcons.

The pregame show will also feature former players on a panel discussion about the challenges facing the NFL, the importance of competition, the potential of new technology and the importance to the game of fans being able to interact with the game.

Following the regular seasons final matchup, the Steelers will host the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl at 8 p. and 11 p.

ET on Sunday.

The Patriots will play the Dallas Cowboys in the NFC Championship Game at 5 p., 7 p. on Sunday night.

This will be the last regular-year matchup between the two teams before the Super Cup, and fans will get a chance to watch the game in person in person, as well.

The final two games of the regular schedule will be played in the preseason, with the Cleveland Browns hosting the Baltimore Ravens at 8:30 a.m., and the Pittsburgh Pirates hosting the San Diego Chargers at 7 p, on Sunday afternoon.

The first of the four Super Bowls will be broadcasted in the U.S. on Dec. 28, and that game will be televised live on ABC, ABC News and the NFL Network.

In addition, the networks have scheduled a pre-season game in Pittsburgh on Dec-30 and a home game in Baltimore on Jan. 1.

The remaining four games of NFL season will air on ABC and ESPN on Sunday at 10:30 the night before the regular NFL season ends.