How to use grass to reduce turf burn

You know you want to cut down on your grass consumption when you see the numbers, and this infographic from Turf Solutions illustrates just how much of an effect turf can have on your water use.

The infographic highlights how many gallons of water are needed to remove an acre of grass every day from your lawn, and how many times you can save by replacing turf.

The data shows that if you remove 2 acres of turf, you can reduce the water needed to clear a 2,000-square-foot backyard by about 1,800 gallons.

That’s a big improvement from the time it took to clear that yard in the first place.

But if you cut down 2 acres, the total water used is down by about 3,600 gallons.

If you cut back to just one acre, that number drops to 1,400 gallons.

The good news is that if your lawn is in good condition, the number of times you have to replace turf per year drops significantly.

Turf solutions costs around $50 a year, but with a $100 rebate, you save $1,200 in water and energy.