‘Never buy from an outlet that sells plastic’: ‘This will cost you’

By LALAINTA DEALENKA | THURSDAY, MARCH 19, 2019, 05:35:07A company that markets lawn and garden products in India has started selling plastic lawn and herbicide products online in the country.

It is the first such venture in the world and has faced a lot of criticism for its pricing.

It’s not the first time plastic lawn is being used as a marketing tool in the state.

Last year, plastic lawns were used as marketing tools in the city of Jharkhand, which is part of the Jammu & Kashmir state.

This year, the plastic lawn has been used as the marketing tool of a major Indian brand.

The product is manufactured by a company called Nalco, which also makes plastic lawn chairs, garden and garden accessories.

The company’s website says it has been sourcing plastic lawn from several sources, including the United Kingdom and Brazil.

It has also been reported that a plastic lawn chair was bought for Rs.4 lakh in India.

Nalco has also partnered with another company called BHP Billiton, a major mining and petrochemical company.

According to Nalcom, the company was able to make the purchase after a detailed analysis of the product.

Nalgene, which sells the plastic-coated lawn chairs in India, also said it is working with the company to improve the quality of the products and supply them at a competitive price.

The brand has also launched a special promotional campaign.

Nallanjali, a popular brand of plastic lawn furniture, was also involved in the process.

“We are in talks with the distributor for the first-ever NalCO lawn furniture,” the brand’s chief executive officer Sushil Gupta told ET.

“Our focus is on the quality and quantity of the NalCo lawn furniture.

The Nal CO is a major producer of plastic, so it has become a trend in the marketplace.”

According to Gupta, the Nalgene brand has sold 2.5 million lawn chairs since its launch in March 2018.

He added that the company has seen the value of its products and its customer base grow over the past three months.

In a statement, NalCom said it has set up a dedicated team to provide its products at a good price to the Indian market.

“This will help to ensure that our products meet the customer’s requirements and provide the satisfaction they have,” the statement said.