New adidas shoes are designed for everyday life

A new line of shoes from adidas Originals, featuring synthetic grass and Alcantara suede, will be available starting in January, according to the company.

The sneakers, dubbed “Carlisle,” will be sold through the Adidas Originals site and will be the first to use a new synthetic material, which is called “suede” and is made with a special “super soft rubber” that is “the ideal insulating material for outdoor wear,” the company says.

The shoes are currently available through the adidas store and will start shipping in February.

They are priced at $150, with a 50% discount for the first 90 days.

Adidas Origals also plans to offer a series of shoes in a variety of colors and patterns in the coming months.

The company says the shoes are available in “a wide range of colors, patterns and sizes” to make them “easier to wear” than previous versions.