Nike Speed Turf: Is it the best option?

Is Nike SpeedTurf the best alternative to playing on grass?

The answer is yes, according to the NFL’s new turf turf research.

The NFL’s Turf Study Group, which released its report Tuesday, found that grass is better for football.

The study says it’s more durable and provides greater protection from wind and rain than turf.

It also said that grass helps to keep the ground moist, reducing erosion and increasing water flow.

“Turfgrass does offer some protection from the elements and from the impact of wind and weather conditions,” NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy said in a statement.

“However, the results of the study indicate that grass and other natural turf surfaces offer less protection against erosion and more moisture for the player than turf.”

The NFL has said it will begin testing new turf this fall and then make a final decision by the end of 2018.

That decision will depend on whether a player wants to play on grass or on a synthetic surface.

The study found that turf surfaces had the most advantages in terms of durability and water retention, the NFL said.

The turf study, however, said that players will likely be better off using turf that has more absorbent properties.

The Turf Report, which included some of the NFLs best grass players, included 10 players who played on turf in 2015 and 2016.

Only two of those players played on synthetic turf in 2016.

The findings also show that turf is best for protecting players from high-impact impacts, such as falling over.

Turf has been shown to reduce the chances of concussion, but it is not designed for all football injuries, according the NFL.

The Study Group also found that players on synthetic surfaces were more likely to suffer head injuries in their careers.

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