Surfer, cyclist, kayaker to take up the torch for Australia’s turf burn

Surfer Shaun White, a quad-diver from Brisbane, is the man behind the Australian Outback Surf and turf burn initiative.

He is the founder of Surfing Australia, a national surf group that promotes surfing on Australian soil.

Surfing has been a cornerstone of surfing culture for thousands of years.

Mr White has also been a champion kayaker and a part of the Surfing and Outdoor Industry Council of Australia.

“I was inspired by surfing and wanted to get involved and help the sport,” he said.

“Surfing has always been my passion, I grew up on surfboards.

I have always been into the outdoors, so this was the perfect opportunity to get on board and give back.”

The Surf and Turf Burn program is one of the oldest in the world.

It started in 1948 and has been funded by the Australian Council of Surfers and Surgeons.

The organisation has also supported the Australian Olympic Committee in their support of surfing and surf related sports.

“The Surf & Turf burn program is an important part of surfing’s history and heritage and is a way to remember those who have lost their lives to the sport and those who are living with the effects of it,” Mr White said.

The surfers will be supported by volunteers from around Australia.

“Surfing Australia’s aim is to raise awareness of the importance of surf and surf culture in the community,” he added.

“Our team has helped more than 40 surfers with injuries and illnesses, including more than 400 who have been in the hospital, and have given more than $4 million to the Surf and Surf Burn Program.”