The most expensive turf for sale in Australia

A synthetic grass is about to go on sale at Home Depot’s Australian outlet for the second time in a month.

Home Depot Australia has announced the synthetic turf, which is manufactured by Australia’s Synergies.

Synergies is an Australian company that produces the synthetic grass, which has been a staple for some years.

Synthetic turf, with its green, yellow and white colour scheme, is the most expensive natural grass on the market.

The price tag of $5,800 includes the purchase of five kilos, which would equate to about a yard of synthetic turf.

The product is made from biopolymer-based clay and has been used by some Australian farmers for more than 20 years.

But Home Depot Australia says the synthetic product can also be used to replace some natural grass, like straw and soil.

Syngolites is also used in Australia for the construction of houses, as well as as turf for outdoor landscaping and for lawns.

The synthetic turf will go onsale at Home Depots Australian stores from September 28.