The real reason we’re not hearing a lot about BioShock Infinite

We’ve talked about it a lot before.

You’ll know the drill: Infinite is a shooter with a lot of guns and an endless amount of content, but it’s also a game with a ton of small touches that can make or break a game.

In this week’s IGN First, we’ll take a look at just a few of those small touches.

First up: The way you shoot Infinite’s game world.

When you’re in Infinite, you’re controlling a character named Agent Johnson.

You play as an alien named Ellie, and she’s a member of a crew of space travelers.

There are some big differences between this crew and the ones in BioShock, though.

The most obvious difference is that the aliens are armed with guns.

They have an arsenal of all kinds, but they’re mostly limited to melee weapons.

For starters, the alien ships have a shotgun that fires pellets, and there’s a machine gun that fires energy bolts.

The aliens are also very fast and agile.

Ellie’s ship can take a lot longer to traverse a ship, and it doesn’t look like the aliens will stop moving when she gets to them.

That’s a pretty big change from the BioShock games, in which most of the time you’re able to just go straight to the front and kill everyone in the line of fire.

The alien ship, on the other hand, doesn’t stop moving as fast.

In a way, it’s the aliens’ first appearance.

The first time you see a ship in the game world, it looks like a tiny spaceship with a big red circle on its side.

This is the first time that an alien ship is depicted with a red circle around it.

The red circle tells the game that the ship’s heading toward the enemy ship.

The enemies are red, so they’ll start charging in towards you.

If you dodge their charge and get close enough to them, you can use your shield to absorb a lot more damage, which will let you outpace them, allowing you to take out the aliens.

The game also introduces a new weapon, the Raptor rifle, which shoots energy bolts out of the barrel and fires in a circle.

When you hold down the fire button, the rifle emits a purple beam that shoots at enemies.

These beams aren’t the same as the ones that the gun fires from the gun, but you can still use them to slow down enemies, which can be useful for escaping from enemies or when the Raptors is charging at you.

In the game’s tutorial mission, the aliens start shooting at the aliens, but instead of shooting them, the game takes the shots and shoots the aliens anyway.

This can be a bit confusing at first.

There’s a line of shots where you see an alien coming at you and the game shoots at it with a laser beam.

That makes it look like you’re getting a shot at the alien, but actually, the laser shot is a bullet.

But the alien’s actually firing laser bolts at you from a rocket launcher, so that’s confusing.

The next shot, though, is a different type of shot, and the aliens aren’t actually firing lasers.

They’re shooting a big purple laser beam that starts out glowing, then turns into a beam of energy.

It’s also hard to tell whether or not you’re firing laser blasts at an enemy, because the enemy is moving in a straight line.

You’re still supposed to be shooting lasers, and when you get close to an enemy and then the laser beam starts glowing, it doesn’ seem like they’re shooting lasers.

It seems to be a different laser beam, and instead of the laser beams hitting the enemy, it seems like they just turn into beams of energy, like a plasma beam.

It could be a glitch or a bug, or both.

There were a lot (literally thousands of) different aliens in Infinite.

Some were stationary, and others were firing lasers at you as you tried to move.

You could also see enemy aliens running in the background, which was a little annoying because the aliens had no way to shoot back.

Infinite’s aliens are designed to be easy to kill, so you have to be quick about it.

There aren’t any enemies that can actually shoot you with lasers.

If an enemy does manage to shoot you, it can be very painful.

The only enemies that have lasers in Infinite are the Alien soldiers.

The Alien soldiers are really slow and have a laser cannon that fires plasma beams at you when you move.

They can’t hit you with laser beams, but the cannon can do some serious damage, even when you’re not shooting at them.

It looks like the Alien soldier has a special ability that lets it shoot out plasma beams that are much harder to dodge.

That ability, called The Blast, lets the Alien Soldier fire off a blast of energy when it gets close to you.

The Blast is the most powerful enemy ability in the entire game, and you can get a lot