What do we know about the design of adidas’s new shoes?

As well as their new adidas shoes, the company has also announced a range of other footwear designs that are meant to take advantage of the new 3D technology.

They are:The first pair of shoes made using 3D printing technology, the “Hex” range.

The “Lux” range is meant to be used with the 3D printer, the new model in the new line.

The shoes are also the first to feature a design that mimics the iconic adidas signature.

The second pair of footwear that uses 3D printed leather, the shoe “Hip” range will be the first pair to be available.

The third and final pair of shoe that will be available in 2018 are the “Wings” range, a “3D Printed Flyknit” shoe with an “Adidas Originals” logo.

The shoes are expected to hit shelves in late 2018.