When the Titans beat the Bucs, football fans got a taste of what it’s like to get hit with a hard piece of turf

The Titans defeated the Bucs on Sunday, and they were greeted with a loud, angry crowd.

That was especially loud because the Titans were in Tampa, Florida, playing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

But after the game, fans in the stadium were treated to a much softer, less-violent version of the hard turf that is part of the NFL’s Hardtack rule.

“Titans fans got some of the best hard turf on the field, as the Bucs were outscoring the Titans by 24 points in the first quarter,” Bleacher Report’s Nick Becton reported.

“Fans in the bleachers were subjected to a few hard pieces of hard turf.

This one was especially nasty, though.

It looked like a large piece of the turf had come loose and hit the Titans fan in the head.”

According to Bleacher’s report, “there was also a lot of dust and debris in the air during the game.”

While the crowd was treated to some soft turf, the team didn’t make it easy for fans to get their hands on it.

“I don’t think the Titans fans should have been allowed to use the soft turf in the game,” Titans general manager Jon Robinson told reporters after the win.

“It was a tough spot for them to play on.”

While some fans were disappointed that they had to play with the hard, artificial turf, most fans weren’t too bothered.

“People were just enjoying the game and watching the games,” Matt Smith told reporters.

“And the fans were enjoying it.”

Bleacher reports that the Titans’ fans had mixed feelings about the turf.

“The first quarter was really good,” Smith said.

“There were a lot more fans.

There was more noise and a lot less dust.

But we just kind of got the sense the second quarter was going to be much harder.

The second half, I think, was just about the same.

It’s just a matter of how much we can handle.”