When your backyard is no longer a place to play sports, there are plenty of places to play football in:

The most popular sports on a new turf football field are baseball, basketball, football and soccer, according to a new study by researchers at Ohio State University and Duke University.

The research, published in the journal PLOS ONE, found that artificial turf grass is being used in up to 70 percent of all football and baseball fields across the United States.

Researchers from the Ohio State football team and the Duke football team surveyed 1,096 artificial turf fields across seven states, using the Outdoor Research Survey to gather data on the number of artificial turf field types, fields used and turf types used.

Artificial turf fields include grasses with the chemical peat or grasses that are mixed with other types of plant matter such as soil, bark and wood.

The most common types of artificial grass are peat, turf, grass and turf.

Researchers also found that up to 90 percent of the fields surveyed used artificial turf for soccer fields.

“Our research shows that artificial grass is a highly popular and highly sought-after product for playing soccer and basketball, and we hope that this study will encourage more people to try artificial turf as a replacement for traditional turf,” study lead author David Smith, an assistant professor of plant science at Ohio St. and Duke, said in a statement.

“It’s not uncommon for people to say that artificial soccer or basketball fields are boring and they don’t want to go out to play.”

The Ohio State study found that over 80 percent of artificial football fields had grass, while the rest had natural turf.

Of the artificial turf football fields, 73 percent had grass and 27 percent had natural.

The study found more than 20 percent of natural grass fields were used by soccer players.

The average soccer field in the United Kingdom had grass at 80 percent, while natural grass was at 70 percent, the researchers said.

The study was limited to field type and turf type.

Other factors that may affect turf use include the amount of surface available to the grass, the size of the grass area and the number and variety of grass types used, according the researchers.

The researchers did not determine how many people played soccer on artificial turf, nor did they examine whether the artificial grass field was used for football or baseball.

“We found that the use of artificial surfaces is associated with a number of factors, such as turf type, surface area, types of turf, and grass types,” Smith said.

“The most interesting finding from our study was that grass use is associated both with field type, turf type and artificial turf type.”

He added, “Although artificial turf was the most common type of field in all fields, grass use was highest in soccer and baseball.”