Which are the most expensive artificial turf fields?

A new survey of more than 100 artificial turf-related properties found a lot of cheap, expensive and mediocre ones.

The survey, conducted by Property Online, found that the average price of an Australian property on an artificial turf field was $10,000.

But the cheapest field, on average, was only $2,400, and the median price was $3,000 for the most popular fields.

Landowners were also quick to point out that the median number of people using a field was around 50.

“The field was designed to look like it was in the 1950s, with a white paint job and white and black lines to match the white paint on the house,” property owner Paul Hargreaves said.

Mr Hargremans son bought a field in the 1980s, but the field is now nearly 30 years old and he says it has deteriorated significantly in terms of quality.

“It’s got holes in it,” Mr Hargrea said.

“We’ve been able to remove some of the paint, but we’re not getting the same results.”

The average cost of a Melbourne property on artificial turf was $7,000, while the average cost for a Sydney property was $8,800.

“The average price for a Melbourne house on artificial surface was $1.1 million,” Property Online’s survey of artificial turf properties found.

“But the average costs of a Sydney house on surface was only a few thousand dollars.”

There’s been a lot more competition and we’re seeing more competition from people who want to get more bang for their buck.

“The survey also found that most properties were sold for between $2 million and $4 million, with the average being $4.3 million.

Property owner Chris Linton said the average sale price of a house on a surface field was between $4,000 and $5,000 per square foot.

It comes as the ABC revealed a report from real estate consultancy Zillow showed that Melbourne had the highest percentage of single-family dwellings in the country.

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