Which is better: A hedge or a hedgehog?

In an era when we’re looking for a solution to the shortage of affordable housing, a hedge or hedgehog will do. 

The Irish Times has the scoop: “We have a shortage of rental properties and the hedgehog is a very good way of managing that.” 

The hedgehog, which can grow to a length of three metres and weigh up to five tonnes, is a relatively new breed that has made a comeback in the past two decades. 

Its popularity has prompted many homeowners to adopt the hedge in an effort to keep their property affordable. 

“They are a good investment,” said Peter Dutton, a property agent with the Dublin-based firm Urban Land Trust. 

Mr Dutton added that it is not a big problem for them to be kept in a single building as they can be moved from one place to another.

“A hedgehog doesn’t like to have people walking on it, and will try to run over them.”