Which NFL teams are doing the most out-of-season work?

The NFL is spending more time out of the field than ever before, according to data from the league office, with players, coaches and officials spending more than a third of their off-season at their offices.

In fact, the average NFL team spent more time away from the field on average than in 2016.

But that doesn’t mean every NFL team is doing a good job of preparing for the long-haul.

The most recent data shows that every team spent nearly a third less than they did in 2016 on field renovations and renovations of facilities.

Some teams have been doing a better job than others.

This year, the New Orleans Saints spent just under half as much on renovations and maintenance as they did last year.

The Indianapolis Colts also spent more than half less than last year, but were able to build up their facility by using some of the money to improve their turf fields.

In addition, every team is spending money on out-on-the-field programs, including programs for coaches, quarterbacks, receivers, special teams and more.

The NFL’s Out-of–The–Game Program helps coaches get better at their jobs.

It has been funded by the league’s $25 million Player Development Fund and was designed to help coaches improve their ability to get their players to play, which can help them in their jobs and help the league in the long run.