Which NFL team’s artificial turf field will last?

The Miami Dolphins, who have spent the better part of the past year playing on artificial turf, will play on artificial grass in 2018.

NFL.com reports that the Miami Dolphins’ artificial turf turf field, which opened in 2020, will be replaced by artificial turf during the 2018 season.

Dolphins defensive end Jonathan Martin, who started the 2020 season on the artificial turf and was sidelined for most of the year, was the first Dolphins player to be on artificial artificial turf.

The Dolphins are expected to replace the artificial field with artificial turf in the coming weeks.

It was reported that the Dolphins have already received $10 million in new contract guarantees.

The Miami-based company, Calexico, is also working with the Miami Marlins to develop artificial turf fields in Florida.

The artificial turf is being installed on Miami’s artificial grass fields at Dolphin Stadium.

The fields will be available for fans to use in October and November for the 2019 season.