Why did the NFL need to switch to turf in 2012?

Posted by Mark Zaidman on October 11, 2016 07:13:56In 2012, the NFL switched to turf.

This made the league more competitive, which was good for the NFL’s bottom line.

The league had been spending a lot of money to build new stadiums and install artificial turf, which is more expensive than grass.

It also made it easier for the league to attract a wide range of teams.

The turf was much more durable than grass, which made it more stable for the field.

The turf is a much lighter material and therefore it absorbs much more impact and less vibration, which makes it easier to control.

The added stability helps keep the field level during the downpour season, when fans tend to lose interest and go home.

The NFL also changed the color scheme for the grass to a darker, more vibrant orange, to match the color of the artificial turf.

The NFL has changed the colors of artificial turf and grass since it began using turf in 2011.

The new turf is much more stable, which helps keep field level.

The softer material absorbs much less impact and vibration, making it easier.

The field also gets much colder on average when the artificial grass is used.

In 2016, the National Football League made the switch to a grass-based field, which means the artificial fields used in 2018 and 2019 will not be artificial turf fields.

However, the new field is still on the way to being put into use, which will help keep the turf in place.

The National Football Association has said it will continue to use artificial turf during the season, but it’s not clear when that will happen.

It’s also not clear if it will include the new turf.

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