Why is golf getting a new name?

The National Golf Association (NGA) is taking its time deciding what the name of its upcoming season will be, and what the sport will look like in the future.

But the sport has been evolving since it was first introduced to the U.S. in 1996, and the new logo that was unveiled Thursday has the NGA at the center.

The new logo, which will be used throughout the NGF’s regular season, will be similar to the one that was used for the 1996 NGA championship.

The NGA says the new look is part of a wider, global expansion to reflect its broader purpose, to serve as an anchor for the sport’s growth, and to continue the growth of golf’s international footprint.

The logo was unveiled to a small group of fans at a private event in Atlanta on Thursday afternoon.

The new logo will be unveiled during the next NGA winter meetings, in Orlando, Fla., next month.

The logo was announced in early December, when the NGM announced that the sport would be officially rebranded in March.

The NGA said it is “honoured to welcome the new NGA to the modern NGA, and is confident that we can provide a memorable and engaging brand to our fans and partners, as well as to our sport’s global audience.”

The new NGB logo will reflect the NGGA’s mission of promoting and advancing golf to all players, and helping players become the best players they can be.

It will also serve as a visual reminder of the value of the game for all players.

“We have seen an increasing trend of new technologies, more diverse sport and media coverage, and a growing recognition of the importance of the sport to our society, the economy, and our environment,” NGA chairman and CEO David Green said in a statement.

“The modern NGB is not only an extension of the NGC, but also a continuation of our efforts to expand our mission to encompass the entire sporting landscape and to help further the development of golf as a worldwide sport.”

The NGM said the new name will be a one-time transition to be introduced to all members in the next season.

“It is an honour to be called NGA in 2016,” Green said.

“We will have a new logo and a new look for the next four years, and we look forward to announcing the new names at our spring meeting.”

The move is part to the NGB’s global expansion, which includes the U-turn in branding for the NGL.

The U-turned logo was introduced for the 2016 season.

Green said the logo will provide a visual marker for the UGA’s goals, but said it will also help golf fans to understand what the NGHP is all about.

“The NGH is about creating an inclusive environment for all of us, and that means we are all valued members of the community, and they have to have a place to play and a place for us to grow,” Green told reporters.

“It’s not just about the numbers on the scoreboard.

It’s about being a part of the solution for all the people who are in the community.”

The logo, he said, “helps create a sense of belonging.”

Green said he hopes the logo’s simplicity will be appealing to all kinds of golf fans.

“I think this is the way the sport can grow and thrive, and it’s not going to be a gimmick.

It doesn’t need to be something you’re not going see,” Green added.

“This is going to change the way you look at the game, and will help the sport be viewed as a whole.”

The previous logo, unveiled in March, was a bold, colorful white with a black background.

The 2016 logo features a red, white and blue color scheme.