Why is green turf not a sport in Ontario?

A sport in the Ontario Premier’s Office?

It seems to be a topic of discussion, especially given the Premier’s office’s recent comments.

A new study, commissioned by the Premier and released Wednesday, shows that while green turf is a popular sport in many Ontario municipalities, it is not a game of skill in most communities.

The report found that, for instance, the number of green turf hockey players in Toronto is about half the national average.

In the same area, the total number of players on a local hockey team is about twice as high.

In Hamilton, the average number of hockey players is about 3,000, but the number who play the game is about 2,500.

In York Region, the figure is 2,000; the number is about 1,000 in Kitchener-Waterloo.

In London-Gatineau, the ratio is about 4,000.

The report notes that some communities have adopted policies to encourage more green turf players, but those policies have not yet translated into an increase in the number playing the sport.

In the report, the authors say that many municipalities have also adopted programs aimed at increasing their participation in other sports.

But it is unclear how successful those efforts have been in reducing the number and level of green hockey players.