Why we don’t know why people are wearing the Surfer uniform

The Surfer’s uniform looks like a mix between a surfer and an athlete: It’s blue, has a pair of blue and white stripes, and a black patch on the shoulder that says “SURFER”.

It’s part of a collection of Surfer jerseys that have been auctioned off online.

One of the items, the “surfer” jersey, has the number 4 on it.

But the real deal has the word “SURRFER” on it, which the seller says is a reference to the sport’s logo, a symbol of surfing’s origins.

The auction has raised about $7,000 so far.

One bidder who paid $1,500 says it’s “great to be able to get it.”

“I love surfing and I think this is really cool,” said the buyer, who asked to be identified only as Justin.

“It’s a really cool and unique look, and I’m really excited to get this jersey for my girlfriend.”

One of two items on the auction for a Surfer jersey, the other being the “blue and white striped” jersey.

(Courtesy of Justin and Sarah) The seller says the Surfing Surfer is a surf icon and the jersey was inspired by the surfing legend’s iconic surfboard.

He says it was designed by a surfboard manufacturer, who wanted to show the brand’s commitment to the surfing brand.

“They wanted to represent their brand as a surfing brand,” he said.

“We thought that would be a really good way to communicate that, and we thought this would be an appropriate way to do it.”

The seller was also asked to describe the jersey’s look.

“The surf is very, very clean, and the blue is the most natural and the best shade of blue.

And there’s also a white stripe on the right shoulder, which is the number that we all wear, 4.

This is a very, really cool look.”

The Surfing team has had an image of the surf as a symbol since the 1970s, when they debuted a short film called Surfing Surf.

But it wasn’t until 2015 that they created a logo for the sport that included surfing’s trademark white stripe.

“In terms of what that is and how it relates to our brand, that was the first time that we used it in a logo,” said Kevin Fischbach, a member of the Surfers board of directors.

“This is the first thing that we did with that logo that actually made a big impact on the way people perceive our brand and the way that we communicate.”

He said the jersey is part of an ongoing series of surfing gear and apparel that includes “sportswear” shorts and jackets.

The Surfer jersey is made from wool, polyester, nylon, and polyester/cotton blend fabrics.

It’s a light weight fabric that weighs about 10 ounces.

Fischbaum said he’s been surprised by how many people have been interested in buying the Surfinest jerseys.

“I think there are some very cool people who want to buy the jerseys and it’s going to be really interesting to see what people are willing to pay for them,” he added.

“As a surfin, I think I’m a little more of a novelty than I should be, but I think that we have something that people really want to wear.”

Fischbeck says he’s excited to have the Surfacing jersey in their collection.

“People have been very kind and supportive,” he told Mashable.

“There are some amazing people in the Surfaces, and this is an opportunity for them to show what they’re made of and what they stand for.”

The auction for the Surflings jersey is scheduled to end at 2 p.m. PT.